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Kidneys and Low-Carbing

I suppose the number one question I'm asked is, "Aren't you worried about what a low-carb, high protein diet will do to your kidneys?"  Most people think that "low-carb" means high protein.  It does not.  Atkins promotes low carbohydrates, moderate protein and high fat.  Studies have shown that not only does low-carbing not damage your kidneys, it actually can reverse some damage already present, because the diet helps reduce blood pressure and brings your blood sugar back into normal ranges.  High blood sugar will damage your kidneys.  If you're one of the millions who are addicted to sugar, beware. 

I don't consume much more protein than a lot of my friends, or more than I have most of my life.  While raising my children, I always prepared a vegetable and a salad with our dinner meat (chicken, beef, pork or fish).  We limited desserts to Sundays and didn't make sugary treats part of our daily food intake.  I was never big on casseroles. Early on I had read that the same ingredient that makes sugar stick to cereal would make it stick to your kids' teeth, so that option was eliminated.  The kids complained, but so what.  We had eggs, oatmeal, some sugar-less dry cereal, Cream of Wheat, and whole milk.  Not the same fare that today’s kids are offered.  What amazes me are the photos I just saw posted of my classmates from 3rd-6th grade.  There's not an overweight kid in the bunch.  Take a look at your kids' class photos from this decade.  Same bunch of lean children or chubby kids who consume hundreds of pounds of sugar per year? 6th gradeToday I still enjoy a salad and hamburger for lunch, sans the bun and ketchup . . . both of which are full of carbs and most likely high fructose corn syrup.  I'm consuming fewer calories and none of the glucose created by all those carbs, which would raise my blood sugar out of normal range.  If you're really concerned about wearing out your kidneys and pancreas, knock off the carb-laden food. 

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