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Scaling Down

I have several friends who are losing weight with this way of eating.  Here’s a sampling.

“Okay -   I’m  excited – 11 pounds down this morning on the scale!   What’s amazing was that yesterday was my first time at a Mexican restaurant since starting this.  I got halibut tacos and ate the insides only with cabbage and a sauce that didn’t taste sweet, all of the guacamole and pico de gallo, and a few tastes of the black beans, with a white mild cheese sprinkled sparsely on them.  YUMMO!!! I tasted the salsa dips with my fork and NOT ONE CHIP crossed my lips! ! !  That’s a first!   Then I went home to help fix dinner for my guys.  They had steak tacos plus my chips and salsa from lunch.  I ate some of the steak, tomatoes, lettuce and a little of their guac and sour cream! ! !   What a delight to be DOWN that far this morning! ! !  In the past I would not lose after eating beef! ! !” (Edit: my guess it was the taco shells and rice and not the beef that stymied weight loss in the past.)


“I just had to share. . . exactly 8 pounds down this a.m.!!!  I couldn’t be happier!  Made a full batch of cauliflower style funeral potatoes yesterday and my family loved it!  Thanks, Coach.” 


“I ate NO junk at the baby shower today.  It was hard to pick out something I could eat . . . veggies and dip, 4 pieces of legal fruit, little chicken and lettuce salad.  Tanked up on good salad when I got home much later.  Bought regular cottage cheese for the first time I can ever remember . . . wow did it taste great!   Maybe I will survive this new way of eating!“


“I looked at more food labels today than ever after your coaching. . . the imitation crab at the store was in the freezer case . . . 13 crabs (I think she meant “carbs”) per serving!  It had way too much junk in it so I bought cooked shrimp instead.“ 

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