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Traveling and Low-Carbing

Bob and I are on the road again, right now at 34,000 feet.  Before we took off a friend of mine called and suggested that I blog about what we eat while traveling. 

For one thing we always pack string cheese, a mixture of nuts and a couple of apples.  I keep a plastic knife in my carry-on for dividing the fruit, as they’re always more than one portion.  I also keep a small supply of quart and gallon size baggies to use for anything we purchase and wash along the way.  Beef jerky also travels well and provides protein, albeit most are cured with a little sugar.

For dinner last night, the choices near the hotel were very limited.  We were in San Francisco in preparation for a flight to Beijing the next morning, the weather was a miserable 93º, and walking very far held little appeal. We found a Trader Joe’s where we bought a couple of apples and a bag of six boiled eggs.  I always carry individual packages of salt and pepper, so this morning breakfast in our room was an easy option.  As we were checking out of the hotel, I peered into the breakfast area where the choices were two kinds of cereal and waffles – a low-carber’s nightmare. 

Today’s flight attendant served me salad with some great garlic full fat dressing, a small portion of tomato lentil soup, chicken with grilled veggies and rice, then a choice of cheese or ice cream sundae for dessert.  The rice went back on the plate and I chose the wonderful selection of cheese that she offered afterward.  I should also mention that Bob and I turned down the delightfully aromatic bread, hot from the oven.  The four entrees offered all contained protein and so I made my choice by looking at the accompanying side dishes, much the same way as I do when dining in a restaurant. 

As you travel, never let yourself get famished.  It’s too easy to slip and fall if you do.  Be prepared, just as if you were traveling with children.  You certainly wouldn’t get on a long flight without snacks for them. 

Finally, when you’re in a situation where dessert looks just too fabulous to pass, take a taste and then push it away.  After all, there’s no thrill in swallowing.  The first bite is always the best. Most of us just want to know what something tastes like.  Happy traveling. 

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