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There are some great choices when it comes to high fiber foods.  Broccoli, artichokes and spinach are all loaded with fiber.  When cutting out grains you might worry that you’re also missing out on fiber, but  fiber-rich produce makes for a yummy alternative.  Pureed pumpkin can be used as a great thickener for homemade soups and adds 5 grams of fiber per 1/2 cup, 40 calories and only 4 net carbs. 

Getting creative in your meal planning will take away the monotony of a green salad, protein and a veggie and keep you from straying to sugary or refined carbage.  Sour cream stirred into steamed purple cabbage is a gorgeous dish.  Shredded cheese is wonderful on hot broccoli.  Green beans with bacon and onion fried in olive oil are a real taste-bud treat.  All of those veggies come packed with fiber.  The goal is to be as healthy as we can be for as long as we live.  Try staying away from foods with labels for a week and become familiar with at least one veggie you haven’t used in the past.  Who knows, it may become a family favorite.


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  2. Im diabetic, I eat zero grains, lotys of green veggies, few root, no corn. Lots of meats and fish and never worry about fiber. I "go" much better now than when I eat grains and needed to take lots of extra fiber mixed in some water. Eat right and stop worrying about fiber