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Two Great Books and Our “Fast” Food

I’ve recently completed reading two great books on nutrition: “Wheat Belly” by cardiologist William R. Davis, MD and “The Paleo Solution” by biochemist Robb Wolf. 

“Wheat Belly” makes a very convincing argument against eating grains.  As I’ve long suspected, the grains of this age are not the grains of old.  They’ve been genetically modified to the point that they are no longer digestible.  The grains our grandmothers used were far different than the short, high-yield, disease-resistant and Roundup-resistant plants grown now.  Roundup-resistant alone is enough to scare me out of eating them. 

“The Paleo Solution” talks about the original human diet . . . the diet we were meant to consume.  In other words, back to basics folks. 

Mealtime around here is no longer a hands-on, time-consuming affair.  Whether it’s a pot of soup loaded with chicken and veggies or a roast that’s cooked in the oven for a couple of hours, then combined with fresh veggies and a salad, it’s quick.  What it does require is planning.  It takes all of two minutes to throw a roast in the oven and about the same time to put a chicken in a pot of water.  We’ve discovered that low-carb eating is very satisfying and after almost three years, our weight has remained at a healthier level.  What could be better than that?

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