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Carb Creep

In 2010 I lost 20 pounds by low-carbing and tracking my intake.  I hadn’t recorded my meals since August 2010 and finally in January 2012, after a 6.5 pound weight increase following a cruise, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s, I started looking at carb creep.  I’ve recorded every spoonful for the last week, and voila, I’m down six pounds.  That has been enlightening.  Staying on track is easier when I record what I consume.

I’m a left-brained gal and love to keep spread sheets for about everything I do, including my budget, the mystifying Comcast bill, my lipid panel,  and my diet.  In looking back this morning I discovered something quite interesting.  Take a look at the table below.

Type of Diet

Low-Fat/Low-Calorie 2008
High-Fat/Mod-Protein/Low-Carb 2010 High-Fat/Mod-Protein/Low-Carb
(this last week)
Avg. calories 1083 1124 1312
Pounds lost 8.5 16.5 6
Weeks dieting 9.4 7.4 1
Avg. carbs 134 29 28

I don’t need convincing that dropping carbs works.  By watching my carb intake, the weight has stayed off for almost 21 months.

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